Event meetings for patristics lovers

The Augustinianum Institute of Patristic Studies of Rome, in cooperation with the “Babeş-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca: the Faculty of Greek-Catholic Theology, Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Faculty of History and Philosophy, Faculty of Letters, but also with the support of A.G.R.U. and A.S.T.R.U., invite those interested in Patristic Studies – general public and specialists of the field – to a series of lectures and debates which will be periodically organized at the Cluj university during the following two years.

The first meeting is occasioned by the conference “Identity and diversity in ancient Christianity (I-III centuries)” read by the reputed professor Angelo Di Berardino of the Augustinianum Institute of Patristic Studies, author of the books: Patrology, I Padri latini da Nicea a Costantinopoli (Casale Monferrato 1978-2000), Nuovo Dizionario Patristico e di Antichita Cristiane (Roma 2006-2008), Storia della teologia. Epoca patristica (Casale Monferrato 1992), Dizionario di letteratura patristica (Milano 2007), Atlante dell’antichita cristiana (Bologna 2010).

The Conference will be held Thursday, 24thof November 2011, 1700hrs., in the Ferdinand Hall of the Faculty of History and Philosophy, Str. Napoca, no. 11, Cluj-Napoca.

The same location will host Friday, the 25thof November 2011, 1100hrs., the Seminar themed „How to read a patristic text?”, held by the same prof. Angelo Di Berardino, but also by prof. Robert Dodaro, Dean of the Augustinianum Institute of Patristic Studies, author of the books: Augustine and his Critics, Essays in Honor of Gerald Bonner (London-New York 2000), Augustine: Political Writings (Cambridge 2001), Christ and the Just Society in the Thought of Augustine (Cambridge 2004).

All those passionate of patristic studies – having a theological, philosophical, historical background and also experts of the classical languages – students, graduates, professors or general public wishing to be initiated in this field are invited to participate in these events. The intention of organizing a series of lectures and debates initiated by the above mentioned conference and seminar – which will each time occasion meetings with well known specialists in patristic studies – is to create in the city a space of reflection on patristic themes, with an intercultural, multidisciplinary and multiconfessional character.




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